A Brief History Of The Sydney Toy Store

A Brief History Of The Sydney Toy Store

The history of the Sydney Toy Store can be traced back to the late eighteen hundreds. The first shop was opened in the Strand Hotel on the north coast under the name of the “Happier & Flea”. This shop gradually developed to become a major toy shop and established itself as a world leader in toys, second hand and new releases.

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In 18vd’s the store started selling the very first Australian movie posters, this marked the beginning of their illustrious association with the movie industry. In addition many other items such as syrups, toy pianos and many other musical instruments were distributed by the Sydney Toy Store to local shops and collectors. By the late nineteen eighties the Sydney toy store had become the largest toy store in Australia, with over one hundred and fifty branches. Their biggest claim to fame was the fact that they had the first ever all-in-one toy piano, which is still available today.

The two largest branches of the Sydney toy store are situated on the Harbor and Central Business Districts. They carry a wide variety of electronic and plastic toys, musical instruments, household appliances, riding toys, collectibles, hobby and craft items, sports and old-fashioned toys from many different manufacturers. They carry many famous brands from around the world such as Bandai, Cricut, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels, iJustine, Leap Frog, Mattel, Minnie Mouse, Nintendo, Sesame Street, Thomas the Tank Engine, Toy Story and many more. Over seven million products have been sold at the Sydney Toy Store and it continues to expand every year. Other outlets have also expanded to include the High Street, allowing Sydney to compete with other world cities such as London, Tokyo and Paris for toy sales.

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