A Dog Spa In Tauranga – New Zealand’s Finest

A Dog Spa In Tauranga – New Zealand’s Finest

For those who can’t afford to get their beloved canine companion to a dog spa on a regular basis, dog spa Tauranga provides some of the best spas for animals. Set in the North Island of New Zealand, dog spa Tauranga is a not only a luxury spa but also a place where you can get your dog to unwind and relax. Not many places offer you this kind of experience for your beloved four-legged friend. A special dog spa treatment is designed just for dogs and can be arranged here at the dog spa Tauranga.


The specially designed sauna offers all-inclusive treatments including dog massages, body scrubs, facials, nail care and much more. Some of the most popular services include dog spa treatments for men and women, and even for children – for those who love dogs as much as we do! Dog spa Tauranga has over 40 spa locations spread over two locations – one in Tauranga and one in Te Puke. Even if you live in the Bay of Plenty area, there are plenty of dog spas within a driving distance, and you will be amazed at how little time you actually spend in the spa buildings!


The dog spa Tauranga is a great place to go if you want to treat your pet to the ultimate in luxury. There is no better way to feel pampered with attention and care than at a dog spa. It is an ideal destination for a weekend away or a longer holiday; you can rejuvenate and recharge your pooch with the help of the staff at the dog spa in Tauranga. The dog spa’s treatments are designed to provide you with the maximum in relaxation and pampering, while giving your best friend the best in care. For those who can’t afford to have their pets cured in a professional environment, dog spa Tauranga is a great alternative to enjoy the company of your best friend at home!

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