Lawn Mower Brands To Avoid

Lawn Mower Brands To Avoid

When buying a lawn mower, there are some brands you can trust and some you should steer clear of. If you know what you’re looking for in a mowing machine, then you will be able to make the right decision when it comes time to purchase. Here are the top three Lawn Mower Brands To Avoid, you should keep away from.

Lawn Mower Brands To Avoid Smackdown!

Troy-Bilt PB100 A poor choice for mulching. In tests by Consumer Reports and others, it’s had issues with clogging. If you’re looking for an effective mowing machine that collects clippings easily, this isn’t one you’ll want to waste your money on. It also puts out a lot of heat which can be too much for some people’s lawns. The good news is that replacement parts are readily available for these mowers.

Lawn electric mowers are a popular option for many people. The electric motor will cut through grass quickly and efficiently without the help of a blade and the rechargeable battery gives you enough power for a long day of grass cutting. While there are many favorable factors about this type of mower, such as its speed, ease of use and battery life, you should avoid them if you have a thick, waxy or oily lawn.

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