Texas Custom Home Builders Goes to Work on electing George Allen

Texas Custom Home Builders Goes to Work on electing George Allen

With a little over two hundred days until the Texas State House convenes, there are still a number of races to be won in the race to elect the new twenty-threerd governor of the Lone Star State. No matter how crowded the primary race becomes it is expected that whoever is chosen to fill the remainder of Bob Crist’s term will be a conservative champion for the governorship. In the meantime, it is clear that Texas State House will go to whoever is best known as a moderate. This leaves the door wide open to east texas custom home builders – Kanda Construction picking their candidate.

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One of the most popular choices among the field of conservative hopefuls, according to many business and real estate professionals, is George Allen. The former astronaut and governor of Virginia have kept a steady campaign schedule in recent weeks. Still, the chances of winning the governorship are not very high for any Republican other than Allen. Many of the other possible choices among the top tier of candidates have been discussed at length in recent days. Whether or not Allen can win the governorship, however, remains to be seen.

Not everyone in Texas, especially in the conservative suburbs, is pleased with the prospect of Allen as their next governor. There are also questions about the competence of a man who has served as an astronaut and governor of a state – but nothing about being a builder. East Texas custom home builders may not fare as well when all is said and done. Yet it is hard to pin down exactly what the voters will decide. Unless there is a major surprise in the final vote, the race for governor will likely be close, but not quite as close as the battle for the governorship.

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